How Atheists Have Morals

One thing I’ve never understood about the hyper-religious jesus worshippers is how they have an impossible time understanding how anyone could be a moral person without believing in god. Do they mean to imply, “hypothetically”, if God wasn’t watching over them, they would just go around raping, killing, and stealing? Why would anyone want to do that? Don’t most people instinctively just want to get along?

What exactly do they think God does when you commit a sin? Does he come down and give you a ticket for it?


Or do you go tell him all about it like he’s some kind of therapist, and the deeply understanding daddy so kindly forgives you because he loves you?


Us godless heathens don’t have the luxury of having anyone around to forgive us, so we have to actually get it right the first time.


Children believe in Santa Claus, and if they’re naughty they’ll get a stocking full of coal for Christmas. This sure doesn’t seem to stop them from being little terrorists. Why would having a God around be any different?


Atheists don’t have a god to protect. So if one of us does something appalling – like abusing and molesting kids – we don’t go out of our way to cover it up for God. If a Catholic priest does the same and word gets around, the church has to go protect their god and pretend it’s not happening and destroy all the evidence. If their church subscribers found out about the horrible crimes, they might get disgusted and end up not doing the god thing anymore. Then they’d stop funding him, and then God would get sad and lonely when he starts losing followers and then he’d have to fire everyone at the church, or at least lower their salaries. Clearly, sacrificing a few kids is for the greater good, right?


God is perhaps, the worst role model you can possibly have anyway. You really want to take moralistic advice from an egotistical gaseous Big Brother man who knocked up a teenage girl, forced her to give birth to his son, and then later, sacrificed his son because of he was pissed off at shit other people did?


Clearly, the bigger question is, how could someone be a moral person if they get their morals from religious doctrine?





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